Video Project #2 – Post 2


As mentioned in the previous post, our group also went to a place called Dingdong Waffle.

I really love the waffles there and it is pretty cheap. My favourite is whatever we ate on that day – Nutella Cream Waffle with Yoghurt Ice Cream! It’s only 3000won 🙂

Here’s the video we shot at Dingdong Waffle.

After shooting the above clip, we were wondering how to close off the video… So I suggested filming a bogus prelude to the next episode. Hehe.

We were planning to depict how we are going to review the uncle (ahjussi) at the roadside stall behind us and CU (the convenience store behind us) with a wordplay on “see(ing) you (the viewers)” next week. 🙂

(다음주 = next week; it commonly appears on korean variety shows)


Have a great week ahead 🙂


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