Videos that Don’t Suck

Hello everyone! (if there even is a everyone haha – which is a good thing)

I have finally plucked up my courage (so dramatic) or exercised my brain and thought of how to shoot for “Videos that Don’t Suck” without embarassing myself while I’m outside. Haha but I think that is inevitable so I have proceeded to complete this assignment…

Tip #2 – Shoot Short Shots
In the article, the author noted that you should not shoot just one long wide shot. Also, each shot should not exceed more than 10s. The video can be varied with the usage of CUs as well. For this video, I shot my lunch (Yoogane Chicken Galbi Fried Rice) by taking the different stages of the cooking process of the fried rice. Can you imagine if I shot it in one shot with the same red looking thing sizzling for 5s before seeing the waiter coming to stir it… #howdreary

Tip #5 – Stop and shoot, no moving the camera around.

The author mentions that moving the camera is for pros. Instead, one should move the camera, stop, then shoot. Here is my desperate attempt to not let my hands shake while capturing the beauty of the cafe that I am at as I type in Samcheong-dong.

Tip #6 – Keep the brightest light behind you.

I attempted to capture the woes of having your face unlit and the joys of hitting the light! Note to self: Sunlight can erode your nose bridge.

Something noteworthy I found from the article is when the author mentions that if you’re outside in the day and your subjects are squinting, you could try moving so that the sun is still behind you but not right behind you. So that the light will hit your subjects at an angle instead of straight on. However, I shot the above video indoors in a air-conditioned cafe by a window so I could afford the light hitting me straight on.

All this camera stuff is scary but I shall press on for my broadcast dreams! 🙂

Have a great week ahead everyone.


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