These are a few of my favourite thingss

Or a few of my favourite food.

1. Seafood Cheese Topoki (해물치즈떡볶이) @ Anam.
It’s 6500won (+ one ramen) so it’s really worth it! There’s prawns, crab, fishcake (my favourite), 2 kinds of teok (ricecake), ramen and CHEESE.

2. Baby Octopus with Cheese Fondue (쭈꾸미퐁듀) @ Ojju (오쭈).

THESE ARE SO SPICYYY. But seriously good. The set comes with the baby octopus, 3 kinds of cheese in the fondue, salad, egg soup, beansprouts (콩나무), cabbage, steamed rice, and cream makgeolli… (Sorry for not detailing all of these in the video) The set is available in only some of the outlets though. Another delicious item is the honey butter fried food basket.

3. Ham Stew at Busan!

I’m sorry but I can’t seem to remember what is the name of this in Korean but I think it is pretty common in other parts of Korea as well.

I think I just have a thing for things boiling/cooking in a pot and rice. It just seems heavenly.

Finals are coming.

All the best everyone! Fighting! 보기하지마!


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