Touristy Moments :)

Hi everyone!

Here are some photos that I took while exploring Korea. πŸ™‚ Love exploring out of Seoul!
Le Petit France - Sitting on Really Small StoolTook this while fearing that the yellow stool beneath me would give way… It was so tiny and I’m not that tiny but thank God it stayed strong.

Le Petit France - Little Prince + Blue MountainsLittle Prince and the Blue Mountains. Love how the blue mountains behind look like an optical illusion… πŸ™‚

Le Petit France - Me, Ma Shades and the PrinceTaking a shot with the Little Prince… Le Petit France just has a very magical feel to me.

Le Petit France - Magic ShowWitnessed a magic show! I always stare hard at the magician but fail to discover the trick.

Le Petit France - Me & Mystery Do Min JoonMe and my mystery Do Min Joon! Haha.

Le Petit France - Removing PhotobomberHad to photoshop away photobombers but it’s worth it! Haha.

Nami Island - Clench fist, Hold your tote and JUMPI call this shot… Clench your first, hold your tote and jump!

Hope you like these photos. Have a great week ahead! πŸ™‚

God bless.


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