Video Project #1 – Individual Video 1

Hello everyone!

Here is a concept/idea that I’ve been really intrigued by for about a year now –

“What does the F word (F****) mean to you?”

After hearing people I’ve never expect say the F word, I’ve been wondering as to why do people say the F word and exactly what does it mean to people when they say it? Is it to severely cuss, as a method of emphasising a point or does it insinuate at something else?

I’ve interviewed some of my friends on what the F word means to them! If you have any input on this personal project of mine and could spare me a few minutes of your time, please let me know and I’ll record your responses as well! 🙂

Hope you enjoy the video! (Sorry for the limited quality of the video)

Thanks for watching! 🙂

Here’s to exploring better video editing techniques!
Have a great week ahead! #breathe


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