Video Project #1 GROUP PROJECT

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is having a good time of rest after the mid-terms. 🙂

The title of my group video is “The Translation Game”. Our video depicts pretty much the process we go through every time we discuss what to do for the class assignments… Since we have people have 4 different countries, it is difficult to understand the nuances that each person is driving at during group discussions.

We didn’t intentionally play this “translation game” but we found out that we unknowingly did it… When the direct korean to english translation fails us, we go from Korean –> Chinese –> English. 🙂

Our Korean friends will discuss about their ideas before our Chinese friend will translate it to Mandarin to me and I will subsequently translate it to English for Carmen so that we all understand! It was so funny that I burst out in laughter (and tears).

Hope you enjoyed the video!
Onwards to greater language proficiency for all of us! 🙂


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