Our group was assigned the Medium Shot (WHAT question), Medium Close-Up (HOW question) and Reaction Shot.

This is our group’s take on the Medium Shot (MS), something very simplistic, but we wanted to show how a seemingly very tight frame can actually detail what people are doing. Though our legs were not captured, the audience would naturally relate the shot to 3 people walking across.

Also, we were assigned the Medium Close Up (MCU) Shot that is used to show action and is usually taken from the bust up when shot from eye level. I initially had difficulty in ascertaining its specific purpose since it did seem to have a similar purpose as the Medium Shot – both showing action or what the subject is doing. After further thought, I’ve found the difference – though both the “how” and “what” question (in the english sense) involves action, I believe that the “how” question goes one step further to include greater detail in how the action is done. Thus, relating it to a camera / shot perspective, the MCU due to it being tighter in frame, it is able to encapsulate within its frame greater detail such as facial expressions.

Within the above video, it is clear that I have too intense an expression. Haha.

Lastly, we were also assigned the Reaction Shot (RS). According to the language of film reading, the reaction shot is normally shot cause of a specific performance showing a subject’s reaction to a particular reaction a particular event. Also, it takes meaning from the shot that precedes it. Reaction Shot is something that I’ve never heard before so it was of particular interest to me.

My group had to retake a few shots for this as it was pretty difficult to showcase some genuine reactions given our very little acting talents. We tried scaring someone (which of course was preplanned) and it looked horrid. Hence, we decided to do something simpler like portraying our surprise to our group mate’s green hair. 🙂

Have a good day! 🙂


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