Paju English Village :)

Good afternoon!
I went to Paju English Village over the weekend – it was a long trip there but I am grateful for the fun times and photos taken with friends. We were very fortunate to chance upon a wedding ceremony there which made a good set for some of our personal photos. 🙂

Paju English Village Red TelephoneTaken outside the Paju English Village. Unfortunately there was only one cherry blossom tree here and none of the trees inside the English village bloomed.

Paju English Village HousesPretty English houses lining the streets of the village.

Paju English Village Rooftop ShotA bird’s eye view of the landscape at the English village.

Paju English Village Wedding CeremonyWe chanced upon the solemnization venue after trying to take photos at the railings on the right.

Paju English Village Concert HallI initially thought that this was the set up of a restaurant when I realised the white cloth in the middle was for a wedding photobooth.

Paju English Village ClockAnd finally, it was time to head home.

Have a great week ahead! #springishere


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