42 photos in Korea.

 Hello! It has been a month since I’ve arrived in Seoul and these photos detail the pretty and interesting sights that I’ve been exposed to while here.

I have tried to arrange the photos according to its colour scheme so I hope it will be easier for your viewing.

The places detailed in these photographs are Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Hongdae, Garosugil, Ihwa Mural Village, Fairytale Village, Seoul Museum of History, Chinatown and Wolmido.

Wolmido Amusement ParkThis is the theme park in Wolmido which features the famous viking ride. It was so scary and I was hanging on to dear life. However, I think that the viking ride is good in the sense that you can be super scared in one moment but you can relax in the next moment as you watch the people on the opposite side being scared out of their wits. 🙂

Samcheongdong Clothes shopA very pretty shop exterior in Garosugil.

Seagull feeding boatA ship where you can feed birds from the deck. I am not sure why people would do that. #itsscary

Yellow in DDPTaken at Dongdaemun design plaza. I was camping out for the worker in the yellow shirt to walk down.

Outside Seoul Museum of HistoryTaken outside the Seoul Museum of History

Guard and Gyeongbokyung and King SejongBeautiful mountain in the landscape feat King Sejong’s statue. I like this photograph because people often focus on King Sejong’s statue but I think that the mountains in the background are equally captivating.

Seoul Museum of History DRAGON PLAYGROUNDA dragon playground outside the Seoul Museum of History.

Chinatown Door with LanternsBeautiful doorframe in Chinatown.

Qing Guan Chinatown IncheonIn Chinatown! I am Chinese and I feel that the chinatown in Korea is very different from the Chinatown in my home country. The decorations and the food they sell are vastly different.

Chinatown Street People

Dickies + Bread + Panda

Chefs and red cartoon figuresRealised that the chef added a nice touch to the photo.

Chinatown Big Banner

Old man walking up amidst the lion

Lego Cafe“Lego” cafe in Hongdae where you can buy pieces of lego and assemble them in the cafe.

Noah's ark carparkNoah’s (car p)Ark

Krazeburger SamcheongdongEverytime I look at this photo I wonder if I accidentally flipped the photo. #clevertrick

Gentle Monster Kitchen DisplaySunglasses display in Gentle Monster, Garosugil Branch that has a victorian feel to it.

Gentle Monster 1st Floor

Chairs in Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster HongdaeThe Gentle Monster branch at Hongdae that has more of an eccentric and ethereal vibe.

Flower ShopAn extremely pretty florist at Samcheongdong. I think the abundance of flowers in Seoul could be the reasason why korean boyfriends have no choice  to be romantic.

Flowers at the wellOh well, this is so pretty. #fairytalevillage

Flower Shop with Pastel CarAnother florist at Garosugil.

Rainbow stepsRainbow steps in Fairytale Village.

Bird on bicycle muralAnother beautiful mural at the fairytale village.

Tinkerbell and the Green Gate

Discovered many beautiful cafes and shopfronts in Seoul as well. I really wonder sometimes where the inspiration for such beautiful decor stem from.

Five Tables Cafe @ Hongdae

Cath Kidston Cafe

Cafe in Garosugil

White Day Restaurant

Cafe Breezin

Creampop Popcorn Shop in GarosugilTaking photos at night, to me, is really difficult but this store really caught my eye so I decided to give it a shot (literally).

Kim's boutique



The fairytale village is a haven for kids and for people who like kids.

Cute Boy at fairytale Village

Giraffee TwistThe cute little boy was subsequently influenced to pose in the same way as well. #howadorable

Contrasty Lion @ Fairytale VillageThis is one of my favourite photos; the amount of contrast found in the mural was amazing.

Aladdin and the flying carpet

Sunlight is a pretty thingThese cute rabbits were taken at Ihwa Mural Village.

Colourful bird with tropical leaves

Colourful TiesA store selling ties of a myriad of different colours at Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

BINGSOOThe weather is finally getting warmer and we can now enjoy eating bingsoo.

Have a sweet day ahead!


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